måndag 28 oktober 2013

Mobile website make-over, reconsidering

After a discussion with Thomas earlier today about the pros and cons of responsive web design, and the possibilities of implementing my mocked-up layout from last week in merely a CSS redistribution of content, I've decided to keep my current website, but make a lot of smaller tweaks. To quote myself from last week:

I've divided up my initial critique into three points:
1) There's too much vertical scrolling going on. The first view just contains an image of me until scrolling down. The situation is even worse with some of the subsections, with Where's Malibu standing out as especially aggregeous. The image resolutions and layout, together with the large amount of text about each project, definitely lead to a sub-par experience.
2) The menu situation is not very good for visitors not familiar with my projects (and who really is except me?). Why would anyone consider visiting any of the links? This shows that just making separate CSS for mobile does not get the job done, as you can't explore in the same way. The user cost of clicking the "wrong" item in the list is huge (in the form of a bunch of vertical scrolling, or taking a chance on another menu item).
3) A common problem across platforms is the lack of visible and understandable contact information.

Considering it, I realized that the amount of vertical scrolling was probably too much on my desktop version of the site as well. The amount of text for each project has now been severely shortened, and images have been replaced or resized to make the website a lot "shorter" on both platforms. This should alleviate some of the problems under bullet point #1.

For #3 I decided to add a standard footer to the website, in both versions, which now contains all relevant contact info, whereas before it was mashed up into the "About Me" segment.

As for #2, I think it still is the weakest point. However, with the shorter format the cost of clicking the wrong item is reduced, and the urge to use the menu at all should be reduced as it' should be fairly easy to scroll through the site.

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