söndag 15 december 2013

Coffee Guide mini-redesign

When I first outlined the sketches for The Guide to Italian Coffee, I wanted the feeling to be a little notebook that you kept in your pocket. The typeface in the logo was supposed to reflect this with an old-school serifed typeface.
Since then I've become more and more unhappy with the look of the application, and after being inspired by the creators of Pocket Casts on the Iterate podcast (via Android Central), I wanted to explore using Roboto as the typeface for all parts of the application. Throughout this morning I have tested different font weights and sizes to get the right feeling in the application, as well as been amazed that the Roboto typeface, after what I can tell, still is not included in the Android SDK, and has to be added manually.
I also did a tweak to the left margin for the descriptive text, which I found didn't work out at all.

On the above image, the current Play Store version is to the left, and the adjusted version to the right. I'm now waiting to write up and make assets for two more types of coffee (Caffè Mocha and Caffè con Panna for those who are curious), and then I'm ready to upload a new version.

It's really interesting to see the two screens side by side like this, and the complete difference in colour reproduction: it makes me wish I hade more cash so I could get a bunch more devices to test on.

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