tisdag 26 november 2013

Work sample, and more excuses....

I'm now doing project work for a Malmö-based company during the days (and sometimes into the nights), which has unfortunately slowed down the speed of my own projects, as well as the update frequency on this very blog.

Throughout the weekend I finished up a work sample that I did for a company to which I have applied. The task was to identify critical flaws in the design of the Internet Explorer 9 view called Organize Favorites, and to propose a design iteration.
My process ended up as two separate suggestions, one for the short term, and one more future-proof. In general the bookmark managing view seems to be forgotten, so one of my proposals enabled you to do all of your managing tasks in the bookmarks bar instead:

(Click for larger version). (Sorry about the formatting!)

I also had a more conservative design suggestion, in which the view more acted and looked like a regular file explorer. I removed duplicate functionality, and suggest using single-click on arrows, double-click on folders, to expand, in comparison to the single-click to open that's still there even in IE10:

If you're interested in more details on this project, including a detailed account for the process, please read the document linked HERE. Preview below!

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